Activity For Good - 30 Day Challenge

Sat August 15 - Mon November 30
The Benefits of Walking

While you can choose any activity (or activities) you want to complete the challenge, walking is likely the most low impact, highest benefit activity you can choose!

  • Heart Health: Walking regularly, even 5.5 miles per week, reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 31% and cuts the risk of dying by 32%
  • Mental Health: Walking for exercise can ease stress and anxiety, and reduce the risk of major depression by 26%
  • Low Impact: Walkers have a low risk of injury due to the low impact of the activity
  • No Equipment: Good shoes can help, but you don't need any special equipment or membership. Weather bad? You can even walk in your house!
  • Weight Management: Depending on your weight, walking burn 100 or so calories every mile, and helps maintain healthy weights throughout a lifetime.

How to Incorporate Walking Into Your Day:

  • Walk at whatever pace feels comfortable
  • Walk and talk with friends
  • Listen to audiobooks,  podcasts, or music
  • Work walking into your day in small chunks through actions like parking farther away or taking short walks with your kids or dog

Research on walking at least 30 minutes per day

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